Mango sticky rice. A classic asian dessert, one that I've only tried once but fell in love with. With a ripe mango needing to be used and a carton of coconut cream in the cupboard, this morning I decided to get a little creative with my breakfast.

But on discovering that the rice would take at least 20-30 minutes to prepare, I decided to stick to my go-to porridge breakfast, and combine the two together. A simple substitution chosen out of laziness/quickness/in response to my growling stomach, and Mango Sticky Oats were born.

This recipe is surprisingly simple, and so delicious and satisfying!


Rolled oats

Chia seeds (optional, can omit or  sub for flax/hemp etc)

Coconut milk or cream

Ripe mango (could use defrosted frozen chunks)

Sesame seeds to garnish (optional)

A pinch of sea salt, sweetener of choice (optional)




Add your rolled oats to a small pan over low heat, and cover with hot water and a few heaped tsp of coconut cream (this was for around 1/2 to 1 cup of oats, adjust accordingly to preference). If you're using coconut milk you most likely won't need water or as much to cook with. 

Sprinkle in around a tbsp of chia/flax/hemp seeds to allow them to absorb some liquid and be better digested, as well as adding in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Cook over a low heat until your oats are at your desired consistency, the longer you cook for the more sticky and glutinous the mixture will become as it absorbs the water/milk. Season to taste, adding your choice of sweetener and a pinch of salt - I personally found the sweetness of the mango added later to be enough, and even added some small chunks of mango and juice to the pot as it was cooking. 

Top with your fresh mango, a sprinkle of sesame seeds, and enjoy!