So today I made quite possibly the best pancakes I’ve ever made. No exaggeration.

Blueberry muffin pancakes. Dreamyyyyyy.

The buckwheat flour gives a nice depth of flavour, and the addition of maca powder (although optional!) gives added #xtrahealth and also a subtle earthy caramelly hint. The ripe banana not only binds the pancake together but adds just the right amount of sweetness - no extra sugar needed - and not that you need one, but theres even more of an excuse to go all out with the maple syrup afterwards. The texture and flavour of these is literally like the inside of a blueberry muffin, and I can guarantee that your kitchen and clothes, as well as the pancakes themselves, will smell delicious.

INGREDIENTS: (makes one large portion)

80g buckwheat flour (would also work with any other kind)

1 ripe (spotty) banana

1 cup ish plant milk - I used hazelnut but any type will work

2tsp cinnamon

2tsp baking powder

1/2tsp baking soda

1tbsp chia seeds

1/2tsp vanilla essence

1tsp maca powder

1/2-1 cup ish frozen blueberries (can also use fresh)

Maple syrup, peanut butter, fresh blueberries for topping


Mash the ripe banana in a small bowl and add plant milk, vanilla essence, chia seeds and mix well. Leave to sit for a few mins.

In another bowl, measure out 80g of flour and add the maca, cinnamon, baking soda and powder, mixing well. Add the small bowl with the liquids into it and combine, adding more plant milk until it reaches your desired pancake consistency - I like mine to be quite thick but so it’s still able to drip off the spoon easily.

Heat up a non-stick pan and cook the pancakes on a low heat until no mixture is left. Form your stack and go wild with toppings, would recommend with peanut or almond butter and lots of maple syrup. Serve up & enjoy!!