Our society is based on consuming.

Everything that is produced, created or developed is done so with the consumer as a starting point. The target market, the customer. Strategically planned to attract, to engage, to form feelings want or need. For the person to become a consumer, want to consume. To be consumed.

It is so easy to let your life be led by consuming. Although I have slowly become aware of it, I am not immune.

Like millions of other people I find it so easy to let hours and hours pass by; tapping, browsing, looking, reading. Hours spend exposed to material - some of which yes, is inspiring or educational or interesting - but some of which lacks sustenance, stimulation, some of which causes toxic pathways in our minds; of comparison, envy, judgement. Some of which creates thoughts that lower our self-esteem, our confidence, our capibilites.

How many times have you sat on Instagram, scrolling through image after image of people with the perfect body, the perfect food, the perfect life,

how many times have you seen a status of someone on Facebook sharing their travels, wishing you had the money or the time to do the same; seen a photo of someones ‘fitness transformation’ and promised yourself tomorrow you’ll start that diet; watched an artistic video on youtube and told yourself for the 100th time that you will get round to starting your own channel like you’ve always wanted?

How many times have you convinced yourself that the people you see are some kind of super-human amazing people that are out of your reach, their achievements are out of your capabilities; that you’re just too lazy or not talented enough or lucky enough?

‘But this is just for now.’ I hear you say, just like i’ve told myself before. Just now it’s fine, you can waste time just relaxing and watching. And of course, you can. Everyone needs time to switch off; all artists need time to find inspiration, and part of that comes from being exposed to other’s work. But don’t let yourself fall into the trap that, yes, you will do that thing one day, but not today - you’ll do it when you leave school/finish university/quit your job/move country/win the lottery/feel less tired… if you tell yourself those things, you will never do what you know, in your heart, you truly desire.

The only moment we have is the present one. Stop living for the future, and don’t be held back by your past.

Life really is about balance. But I’ve been thinking, that maybe there is one set of scales that we should aim to have unbalanced.

Creating > Consuming

From now on, I’m going aim to create more than I consume; in hope of achieving those goals I know, that if I stick my mind to them, I can.

So the choice is yours. You can spend your days consumed by that screen, wishing and hoping and wanting for more. Or you can find that little spark of hope inside of you, and let it ignite.

Let yourself change your life.