The Hippy Chickpea began as a fun creative outlet that over time has become something I really love doing, and something I want to put my time and energy into - especially as my situation changed and I found myself looking for some kind of escape and distraction. I’ve realised why i’ve been feeling so conflicted about this blog and the kind of content I want to produce, and it’s because for so long I was trying to fit it into one area, and find clear direction, and couldn’t do it. 

This blog, and my instagram is a reflection of myself, of my interests and my lifestyle. And although everyone can define themselves by some labels, I don’t really want to. I can’t fit myself into one single niche. For me personally, it removes the freedom and the creativity and restricts myself, which seems counter-intuitive for something that’s meant to be fun. 

I know I’ve also been feeling conflicted with the blog because I feel conflicted myself inside. Although I have started to share some of my story, I’ve been feeling unsure about where I wanted to go with it all, and why I even began to share in the first place.

I have a choice. I could quit doing this; quit sharing anything online. I could hide away until this period of my life is over, until I feel 110% completely better both physically and mentally. I could then resurface; sharing the kind of image i want to, and then share how i got to that place, and how others can get there too. Or I could put on another facade; and continue half-heartedly posting; continue feeling uninspired and unmotivated and generally just letting myself sit in this rut I’m in, not enjoying life and having no sense of purpose.

As human beings, it’s natural and instinctual to only share the good bits. and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. this is social media, this isn’t real life.

but over the past few days, I’ve realised that I don’t really want to do any of these things. I always wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m pretty much an open book. so for me, just showing the ‘good bits’ isn’t being myself. for so long, i was putting on a brave face, convincing others around me and myself of things. and although i have began to share things on here; i still didn’t know where i was going with it all. it left me feeling uninspired and unmotivated; like I’m being fake.

I know that no matter what I end up doing in life, my goal is to help people. 

But the fact is, there’s no way that I can do that without helping myself first.

Over the past few months, i’ve already taken so many steps, and feel like inadvertently I’ve already been sharing bits of my journey. but now I feel determined more than ever to get myself out of this place, to transform my life, to follow my passions and live my happiest, best life. Because life is too short not to.

It’s not going to be easy. But I have the opportunity right now, through my instagram, through this blog, through youtube (coming very soon) to show a more real aspect of life. To put a message out there. My direction in life at the moment is this journey I'm on, and it’s the direction I want to take this outlet, too. And by doing so, I hope to maybe help, motivate, or inspire others in my situation to make the changes to their life, to show people that you CAN change if you want to. Whether you’re in a similar situation to me, or simply hating the job your in or your daily life, you have the power to change it and to climb out of this hole you’ve found yourself in.

I am embarking on a journey to find what it truly means to be healthy. I will be sharing my journey; looking at evidence for nutrition and calling out fad-diets, finding out how much we really do need to exercise for health, raising awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, working on self-love and mindfulness, and encouraging you all to find the happiest, best versions of yourself. 


I'm going to change my life. I’m inviting you to come along for the ride, and maybe, along the way, you’ll change yours too.