A soft stream of light escaping through the blind, the blue, cold sun ray resting onto every surface, illuminating the room. January. Month of determination, of procrastination, of biting frost and biting words, belittling yourself; knowing you can do better, can be better. The months of good intentions, intentions that can so easily be taken wayward; manifesting into destructive, unhealthy thoughts and routines, inflicting pain and insecurity and a lack of self-worth.

You deserve for your resolutions to manifest from those seeds you have planted deep within your mind, for them to flourish and grow, intertwined with your mind out into your physical life. Be conscious of those toxic seeds that you know could so easily become ingrained, poisoning your actions with superficial, detrimental thoughts. You are not a robot; you do not need fixed or changed. You are seeking growth, expansion, inner peace, and most importantly, self-love. Eat healthily because you feel good doing so, with the intention of fuelling yourself in the best way possible, not because you want to change the way you see yourself in the mirror. Exercise because you love the activity, because you love the way the adrenaline and endorphins run through your veins - not because of the guilt that would seep through them instead. Not because of the voices in your mind making you feel bad for indulging or for that number on the scale or for the fat that you pinch every time you look in the mirror. Focus your thoughts and your energy on your long-term goals. Get that dream job, raise a family, travel the world. Realise that none of them have anything to do with your image or your weight, and how achieving ‘the perfect body’  or those superficial goals won’t help you achieve them in turn. The perfect body is not defined by body fat percentage, by muscle mass, by the abs visible, by the clothing size. It is one that is nourished and fueled and indulged and moved and stretched; one that explores and dances and hugs and laughs and cries. A perfect body is one that is loved by the mind.