Hello and welcome to The Hippy Chickpea, a place to share my words.

After starting The Hippy Chickpea late 2017 on Instagram, I began to rediscover my love for writing and creating. With the new year approaching, and suddenly a lot of free time on my hands after deciding to take some time out of university to focus on my health, I decided it was the right time to get back in touch with my creative side, and find an outlet to express this. So today, January 1st 2018, The Hippy Chickpea blog was created.

2018 marks a year of great change in my life, and I know that it will by no means be an easy road. But I'm hopeful and optimistic that I will be undergoing a lot of personal growth because of it, and know that things can only go up from here. I'm excited to share some of my journey with you all, and hope that it will maybe inspire or help others in some way.

Thank you for joining me, and hope that you will stick around!

Oceans of love,


Alexandra Murray-Reynolds